Wednesday, November 23, 2005

When you have no argument it always helps to use gendered insults

There has been a rather predictable reaction to Sandra Coney's complaint that a bus service advertisement was sexist.

One commenter on Aaron's blog made it abundantly clear how ridiculous the whole politically correct nonsense is (I know I said I was over it, but the vortex of stupidity keeps pulling me back in):

Dr Wayne Mapp HAS to comment about this PC nonsense. Someone has to be made an example of, and Coney has just volunteered herself.

She needs to be corrected in a very public way to cure NZ of this virulet PC-drivel.
So a regional councillor who is offended by an advertisment, should be made a public example of by an MP for voicing her opinion. Those who go around crying politically correct at every opportunity are clearly those who want to silence debate and discussion from those they disagree with, not the other way around.

Her point: "Advertising shouldn't make jokes at the expense of women. I imagine a lot of women use buses" is one that both confounds and annoys me. Most beer ads, for example might as well be a club-house with "No Girls Allowed" on the front. They either celebrate a particularly limited view of masculinity, or they systematically objectify and belittle women (actually they often do both). No beer company ever sees a gap in the market and aim their beer ads to a gender neutral audience. Are there really more men who would be afraid of getting girl-germs from a beer that was advertised in a gender neutralised way, than women who are put off by an industry that clearly doesn't want their business?

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