Friday, November 11, 2005

Bits and Pieces

No Feminist of the day today as I've already written about Abigail Adams in my special First Lady bonanza a few weeks back.

The South Auckland man I wrote about a week ago was awarded $10,000. Now the police officers will know that kicking people in the balls is not considered reasonable force. I can see how these things might need to be cleared up - if you're a group of thugs.

As well as seeing Serenity I saw the trailers for Narnia and King Kong last night. I'm vaguely hoping that King Kong fails because the way Peter Jackson acts like employment laws are for other people makes me angry. But I'm terribly excited about The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (Andrew Adamson probably has exactly the same attitude, but I haven't heard about it yet). It looks fantastic, and I didn't find a significant change from the book in the trailer (this is actually quite significant, I was more than a little obsessed with these books as a small girl, and it wouldn't take much for me to say "what's wrong with this movie, they're not supposed to be eating bacon in this scene, they're supposed to be eating Fish").

If I had children I'd feel quite uncomfortable about them reading the Narnia books by themselves. They're sexist, racist, and the religious subtext rapidly becomes text. But I loved them as a child, and can't wait to go see the movie (I'm not even going to try and find a random young person to use an excuse to go).


  1. "I didn't find a significant change from the book in the trailer"

    I guess you weren't one of the few people (like myself) who were annoyed by the White Witch suddenly becoming the Blonde Witch.

  2. i'm hanging out for Narnia too and desperately hoping not to be disappointed as i was by the h2g2 film earlier in the year. it was just so wrong. but not a million miles from being right, which made its wrongness even worse.

  3. I can't believe I didn't notice the hair, my 7 year old self would be so ashamed of me. I'm still unreasonably excited though. I really think this might work.

    It's certainly got a better chance than HHG2G, where I think the primary problem was that it was being directed or possibly edited by someone who didn't get which bits of the were supposed to be funny, so they kept referring to jokes rather than telling them.

    I think all you'd have to do to make LTW&TW work, is: stick to the story, get the visuals right, cast the four kids right, and make sure the music isn't too cheesy.