Sunday, November 20, 2005

I haven't developed my 2011 exit plan - yet

Stofile said that he was sure South Africa's two votes would have gone to New Zealand in the second round.

"New Zealand supported activists like myself in the struggle against apartheid and if it was up to me my vote would go to them," Stofile said.
There's a weird kind of logic going on there. It certainly wasn't the NZRFU which was supporting him in his struggle against apartheid.

I wonder what would have happened if you'd told a HART that one of the effects of their actions would be to help secure the 2011 rugby world cup (I know not everyone who was anti-tour was anti-rugby, but there was a significant anti-rugby element to the anti-tour protests)


  1. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Hee, I haven't got an exit plan yet either, but I started thinking about it last night. Heh.

  2. if you're related to the mysterious Suzie who allegedly poisoned the All Blacks at the South African final you may find yourself in hot demand come 2011...