Saturday, November 05, 2005

I hate Fairfax

The Dominion Post and its free weekly counterpart The Wellingtonian have decided that what Wellington really needs is a good fear campaign.

The Wellingtonian kicked it off with tales of how Wellington wasn't nearly as safe as we thought it was, and how we should all be terrified on the streets. It gave us the statistics on assault, and sexual assault, in the city. Implying that the only places anyone ever gets attacked is when they're outside.

The Dominion Post has got in on the act, claiming not enough is being done to harrass Homeless people. Apparently: "Mr Blumsky wants its weekend liquor ban toughened to curb drunks' offensive and intimidating behaviour". Although apparently he only objects to homeless people, not ex-mayors.

Shopekeeps and pedestrians may not like them, but if they're not breaking the law, there's little the police can do about the homeless.
Well yeah, last I checked people disliking you wasn't, in and of itself, a police matter (although if it is, as I say there are quite a number of MPs I'd like to be dealt to).

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