Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Smashing Youth Rates

There was a great protest against youth rates in Wellington today. You can find more about it here

One of the highlights was Renee, a 16 year-old cafe worker who was paid just $6.30 for working as a barista, when people over 18 were getting $12. She later did an interview with Checkpoint and you should listen to it.


  1. Anonymous11:14 am

    Holy crap, I wish I was that articulate at 16. Or, you know... now.

  2. Anonymous11:15 am

    Great stuff that protest.

    Now the spotlight is right on the Labour government who maintain youth rates and the super exploitation of children.
    The spotlight's also on the rest of the trade union movement to stop whining about what might happen if Brash gets back in 2008 and get stand up to the capitalistic pricks working us over in the here and now.

    What can wishers do to ensure the anti youth rate momentum is kept up?

  3. I just got referred here from another site. Why do you not consider that any type of minimum wage is not necessarlily a good thing as it does not allow the free market to work.

    As Cathy points out does this mean the 18 yr old is being paid too much if a 16 year old can do the same job for half the money.

    Look at the positive - the 16 year old will figure that life is too short to be paid crap wages and then work hard and endeavour to get a job that pays a whole lot more. (Because their skills and economic worth can demand a higher wage)

    stupid socialists

  4. Anonymous5:58 pm

    and a slave can work really really hard and work themselves out of slavery....

  5. Ever had an Employee Maia?

    If the choice is a 16 yr old that doesn't know shit about shit or a 20yr old that still doesn't know shit about shit but has four more years life experience and the employer HAS to pay them the same wage who do you think she will hire?

    End result of ending youth wages - more unemployed youth.

    Allah protect us.

  6. Anonymous10:15 am

    'Ever had an employee Maia?'

    - This pretty much sums up the problem with capitalism and it's acolytes and apologists. You think you own the people you employ. You take their lives (8 hours a day), treat them and pay them like crap, and then have the cheek to profit from stealing their live. And then you expect them to like it.

  7. And why exactly is having more unemployed 20yr olds preferable to more unemployed 16yr olds?

  8. the prophet: actually research suggests otherwise and doesn't support your claims.

  9. Maria,Commie and John - I'm NOT talking about 'actual research'. I'm talking about real life. I have had many employees because I want to do my own thing in life.This means my own business that I put my money into,my house on the line to fund,my 15 hr days for less than my employees are paid,my worry and toil battling everyone from IRD to suppliers.

    You lot all sound about 20,uni students that don't know shit about life. Oh Yes you think you do, you think you are going to change the world,you think its all not fair and things are going to change because you protest a little here and there.But I'm sorry to inform you that you don't know shit about shit.Remember your comments above and think about them on your 40th and see what you think then. Oh I know 40 seems forever away.40's OLD man.40's probaly double your present life experience. Well I'm almost 40 so I (logically) must know at least twice as much as you lot.(If you consider that you were under your parents control until at least 15 then I must know 5 times as much).

    One thing you learn as you get older is - theory is fine but doing it counts.

    And John,I will throw 5 cents into your begging bowl when I see you in your cardboard box.No No John I insist,you don't need to work for all those bad bad capitalists,you can beg from welfare or on the streets. See hoew YOU like spending your life doing that fuckwit.

    Allah protect us.

  10. theprophet - I didn't delete your comment, because I haven't yet posted my comments policy - but personal attacks are not welcome - you could have made your points without making ridiculous (and in this case false) assumptions and personal attacks.

    You may think your personal experience is more important than research - but forgive me if I don't think that's a good basis for making public policy.

  11. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Well I'm 58 next birthday and I think capitalism sucks and marxist theory rocks. I also think that advancing years do not necessarily bring wisdom. I keep learning lots of new stuff from high school and university students students I work with.