Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Reading Comprehension

To see a hilarious tale of much stupidity start with Random Contributionz and this post:

Apparently Australians face a major terror threat and intelligence suggests the 15th of November may be a significant date. Authorities have taken certain steps and apparently will encounter fierce resistance from what are reported to be insurgent nationals. More...

In New Zealand, it is understood that the Australian Consulate-General in Auckland and the High Commission in Wellington will be under threat as well on this day. NZ Police have been warned and are taking this threat seriously, with police presence expected to be high around these places in the period around the 15th.
If you didn't know that August 15 was the Australian National Day of Action against the new Industrial Relation Laws and that New Zealand had organised solidarity demos outside the High Commission and Consolute General then Mellie helpfully provided links so you'd have the necessary context to understand the post.

David Farrar linked to the story with the following comment:
Random Contributionz blogs that 15 November is the date when Australia may face a significant terrorist attack. The Australian High Commission in Wellington is listed as one place under threat.

As the next door neighbour of the High Commission, I will be rather pleased if there is no attack. However on a totally selfish front it does partially block my view :-)
I'm not sure whether David Farrar was trying to be funny, or whether he is such a moron that he'd believe anything written about a terrorist attack on any blog. Some of his commenters, on the other hand, clearly don't have the sense God gave a turnip.

The New Zealand Herald showed all the scepticism and intelligent that you'd expect from mainstream media:

NZ's terrorist alert remained low yesterday - below Australia's medium risk warning - despite the arrests across the Tasman.

However, an anonymous internet claim that there is a threat to the Australian High Commission in Wellington next Tuesday is not being dismissed, although its authenticity can not be judged.
You should always be suspicious of people who write in the passive tense. I can judge the authenticity of the threat on Random Contributionz blog. I would suggest that this isn't a particularly rare skill, but facts seem to be suggesting otherwise.

Now if that wasn't enough a mainstream Melbourne newspaper joined in on the fun:

A claim of an anonymous "threat" against Australian diplomatic posts in Wellington and Auckland this month appears to be linked to protests against Australia's new industrial relations reforms.
I hope when I use my sarcastic voice I get international news coverage.

Edited to add the Herald stuff

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  1. What a laugh! I can tell you though, I just about shat myself when I saw myself on the front page of the news on the Herald. I'm getting over the scared bit, it seems quite funny now. PS I saw Span recommend your blog and it looks interesting. Churchur