Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kelly Osbourne vs. Dr. Phil

I have long hated Dr. Phil. An achievement made much greater, because I've never actually watched anything with him in it till last Friday. I've hated him ever since I read about this episode of Oprah, which was basically telling girls off for giving oral sex to boys. Sars covers most of the basics on why this all sucked (although she liked Dr. Phil for some reason - I think she's changed her mind) I have long wanted some snotty teenage girl to kick Dr. Phil's head in. So it was with much satisfaction that I watched Kelly Osborne arguing back against his sanctimonious bullshit, on the last episode of the Osbornes.

Which is all just an introduction to post immortal words of Kelly Osborne's:

My keys, my car, my vagina: my business


  1. Anonymous11:15 am

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  2. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Kelly Osborne tends to be fucking great.

  3. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Eeee! Your first sexist anonymous posting on site! You're a real blogger now, hee.

  4. I've never really liked Kelly Osbourne before, but that quote is just brilliant.

    Rather typical of your anonymous commenter to call her a "whore" for no reason at all (having "NO redeeming qualities").

  5. I don't get it - what did Dr Phil have to say about it? (His advice seems to be gone from the Oprah site). From what Sars says about it, she's telling them off too.

    The write-up by Sars is very depressing stuff. I started doing that kind of thing in the late 70s, and I knew from porn even back then that oral sex was a two-way thing. And from 4th Form Science that STDs were just as much of a risk doing it that way. So how is it that nearly 30 years later these bozos are still growing up with attitudes from the 1950s? Are they just the tail end of the IQ bell curve, or what?

  6. Dr Phil was just his usual condescending self. He basically told girls to make their own decisions, and then told them off if they made ones he didn't agree with. It was gross.

    There's no guarantee that any teenager is getting good sex education, it's not a matter of stupidity. I remember in one of my friend's classes, when she was 15, someone put "what's a blowjob" into an anonymous question box, and the teacher read it out - but would not answer it.

    Apart from that I think teenage girls need to be taught not to be ashamed of their desires, and that their bodies are theirs.

    Neither of which is a message that you get through by yelling.

  7. Anonymous12:22 am

    How is it that this semi-retarded, sloth of a hick is not only allowed to dish out HillBilly McSimpleton "life coaching" advice; but now has his own book and articles about health and weight loss....yes, u heard me...weight loss.

    Where did natural selection go wrong??? This guy should have had a fatal velcro accident by now, or at the very least; sucking apple sauce through a straw and playing the banjo with his "pluckin' toof"? I've had it all wrong!! Instead of doing SEO and web design I should be handing out common sense at the reading level of a coloring book to America's heffer housewives.