Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Breaking News: 1970s Marxist Groups not particularly fond of Western Imperialism

In a step forward for bloggers everywhere Trevor Loudon has written a blistering expose on the wasted life of Keith Locke. This is called, with a wit and originality which is apparent throughout the rest of the piece, Keith Locke-A Wasted Life Part 1 and Keith Locke-A Wasted Life Part 2. I think we should thank him for brining to our attention the scandalous activities Keith Locke was involved in. For instance did you know that Keith Locke was involved with soliarity work in the Phillipines, how dare he support anyone rising up against their rightful dictator, and all around good guy, Marcos? But there's more:

In March [1980] he was elected Secretary at founding meeting of the Wellington Nicaragua Solidarity Committee, which oppossed US backed "aggression" against the Sandinistas. In the next couple of years he praised "peacenik" Owen Wilkes for exposing foreign bases in NZ, was active in the Latin America Committee and in the committee campaigning for an enquiry into the police "home invasion" and shooting of his workmate and Black Power associate, Paul Chase.In October 1983 Locke signed a letter to US President Reagan protesting at the invasion of Grenada. Clearly some aggression was OK and some wasn't.
I mean obviously Keith Locke was wasting his life that's three years and he was only involved in 3 solidarity campaigns, and two local campaigns. Someone wasn't remembering the well known saying "the revolution is a sprint and not a marathon." I'm sure there are other committees he could have joined, other people's struggles he could have supported.


  1. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Maia I'm worried about you.

    One life is all we get and you expend several minutes of yours that you can never regain reading and reacting to Loudon's blog?

    There are beaches and beer out there.

  2. I know, but it was too windy for beaches, and the beer companies don't want me to drink their beer because I might get girl germs on it.

    But you're right, while it's fun making fun of them, they are a complete waste of time. There is a Labour government to attack. I stopped making fun of Wayne Mapp after it got boring and easy, I need to nip this in the bud too.

    But there is one more person I have to make fun of, and then I'll give up on right-wing bloggers unless I have a serious point to make (like I did with the David Farrar post).

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