Friday, November 11, 2005

Not In His Name

This was the front page of the Sun after the British Anti-Terrorism legislation was defeated. The man pictured is John Tulloch, and he was seriously injured in the July Tube bombings. His views are slightly different from the Sun's:

This is using my image to push through draconian and utterly unnecessary terrorism legislation. Its incredibly ironic that the Sun's rhetoric is as the voice of the people yet they don't actually ask the people involved, the victims, what they think. If you want to use my image, the words coming out of my mouth would be, 'Not in my name, Tony'. I haven't read anything or seen anything in the past few months to convince me these laws are necessary.
But what do his opinions matter, it's only his photo.

From Lenin's Tomb (that's a blog called Lenin's Tomb - not his actual tomb).

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