Wednesday, February 01, 2006


The Senate has appointed Alito to the supreme court. Yesterday I was all confused, wondering what cloture had to do with the filibuster, why Democrats suck so much, and whether he was confirmed yet.

Now I just wanted to say that this fucking sucks.

If there's hope in this (and I'm determined to find hope places) it's onabortionclinicdays (a blog I can't recommend enough) where it seems to be helping. In New Zealand despite fighting incredibly hard women weren't able to secure the legal right to abortion, but we do have abortion access. In America it appears to be the other way round, and in the end, the anti-abortion people may have one. Actual victories for one side tend to be organising opportunities for the other - that's how come Religious fundies managed to get where they did - for 30 years they cared more about abortion.

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