Thursday, February 09, 2006


I briefly joined the picket line at the Taylor Preston dispute this morning. It was fantastic, we lined Ngauranga gorge, there were great signs, and lots of tooting (plus someone threw an egg at a scab going in).

This was the third day of a three day strike. I'll update as soon as I know what's happening next. There are workers in the meat works who are on minimum wage ($9.50), and the boss is a mean bastard. But I don't really care; I don't care how much they get now, I don't care how much they're going for, that's their business not mine. I'm there to support them, any way I can (I'll also try and post details of a strike fund if I find one).

I didn't have long there, and in these sorts of situations I often feel too young, too female, too white, too accented (I was born in London and have a bit of an accent, which I occasionally get a little self-conscious about), and too shy to talk to people. But it was just great to be there with people fighting for something better.

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