Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's the vote that did it

From the Dominion Post:

Women are behaving more like men and a tragic consequence is sharply increasing rates of suicides by females, experts say.
By behaving more like men, what they actually mean is using suicide methods that are more likely to work. Twice as many women as men are hospitalised for self-harm or attempted suicide, and more women than men are depressed. To me, focusing on suicide, rather than depression is futile. We shouldn't be relying on the fact that most people can't kill themselves with pills to keep the suicide rate down.

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  1. Anonymous10:57 am

    To me, focusing on suicide, rather than depression is futile. I 100% agree with this - there is still a lack of understanding of depression in New Zealand (and the world, I suppose). And, especially in the case of women, it's more likely to be dismissed - both by the medical profession and by the women themselves - as 'just the blues' or something that comes with the lives they're leading.

    (Disclaimer: my mother committed suicide in 1999. No prior attempts - this was a one-off, and it was deliberately successful.)

    It may just be that more women are sure of what they want these days. And in the case of suicide, that means ending it rather than 'calling for help'. Hence - successful suicides.

    Just my thoughts.