Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Best Website Ever

This is lego-baby Jesus, from The Brick Testament - the bible in lego.

I hadn't realised quite how crazy the bible was, but all the best bits are there, including Lott's wife turning into a pillar of salt. I think I'd find this more amusing, if I was sure no one was following it.

In particular I recommend the law and the epistles. I was making sarcastic remarks about women being property, until I realised that was the point (I can be a little slow).

I know an awful lot more about the bible now than I did this morning. For instance, I'd always thought Jesus was cool and spent all his time talking about camels, needles and loving your neighbour (I once had an argument with someone who thought Jesus was a Marxist-Leninst with Maoist leanings, I said that even if this was true, this would make Marx, Lenin and Mao Christians rather than the other way round). But Jesus has his share of weird. Like why does he need oil? And what is the point of this parable?

Go look at the pretty lego pictures, go now.

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