Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It’s like an all-you-can-eat outrage buffet!*

I love it when feminist bloggers and attack in packs. And in this case the prey well deserved their stalking. Their heading basically sums it up: "Psychiatric drugs restored Nia's sanity and destroyed her beauty, and she doesn't mind."

But if that doesn't make you mad there's more. There's ignoring of harrassment and sexual assault, restricting women's freedom as a result of assault, a limited view of beauty, and a really pompous narrative view.

Anyway piny and zuzu at Feministe and Amanda at Pandagon are all over this. But I think Amanda summed it up in her comments:

"Man, that doctor really does think his job is building a better sex object."

Being angry is one way we can remind ourselves that our bodies do belong to us.

* title from a feministe commenter

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