Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dear Wayne Mapp

Please stop being such a moron. I keep resolving not to write about your stupidity, but it is so deeply stupid. I end up wasting my time and yours. So I ask you take a few simple steps before you speak in order to ensure that you're not going to tempt me to make the cheap joke:

1. Try to make sure that the policy you are attacking wasn't introduced by a National Government. The last National Government didn't feel the need to attack Maori as cover for the fact they were attacking poor people (they just attacked poor people directly), so they may not have been as frothing at the mouth racist as you'd like.

2. Go here, and look up the meaning of important words before use them. This might avoid problems like this: "Statistics New Zealand has decided our country should not only have two official languages, but that we should also become bilingual".

Yours Sincerely


PS I will try and have some more self-control next time.

1 comment:

  1. hehehe.. ahhh, morons make life so much fun, huh?