Monday, January 02, 2006

Wrong, wrong, wrong

I think it's colonialism's fault that I'm grumpy. We have Spring festivals in Autumn, and then don't have any actual Spring festival, then we have our Winter festival in Summer and don't actually have a winter festival. I know this isn't exactly original, but I feel gypped every year.

I wonder if I'd feel more New Year-y if it was actually the middle of winter. I suspect I'd just feel grumpy and cold.

But I just wanted to remind people of my on-going quest to find a public holiday for July or August. In order to help get this public holiday through I think we need to commemorate someone really awful, so the right would support the idea of more time and a half. If this was America I'd suggest Ronald Regan day, but we don't seem to like our leaders that much. So if anyone can think of a hero of the right (or possibly the whole population) who was born (or died) in July or August, we need to start a ground swell of public support for them having a public holiday. I don't care how awful they are; I'll put up with everything, but the horrible ahistorical military glorification on ANZAC day, for a day off

Possibly I'll give it up and just start celebrating Matariki, although possibly I'm too white for it to be anything but cultural imperialism.


  1. Anonymous10:46 am

    Hiroshima Day. The day we discovered there are no limits to the corruption power brings.

  2. But the right think bombing the shit out of things is a good thing.

    Possibly Ruth Richardson day, but it wouldn't get widespread support. I'm also thinking Peter Jackson Day, although he would have to die first, probably.

    What about one of those awful colonialists?

  3. Anonymous3:27 pm

    I TOTALLY agree that we need another public holiday, and that it should be in July/August (as long as it doesn't fall in school holidays...ok?). So, my suggestions are:

    Sir Robert Muldoon - born 5th September 1921. A bit late for a holiday, I guess, as we were looking specifically for July/August, but it is a good 6 weeks away from Labour Day. And we can't deny that's he was evil.

    Also, Sir David Lange was born on the 4th August, and died a couple of days earlier...suits us well.

    Sir Edmund Hillary - born 20th July 1919. Now I know that he's not evil at all, and personally I couldn't really give a stuff who climbs what mountains, but people seem to LOVE him, so it would be EASY to persuade people to make his b'day a holiday. What do you reckon? Also, he might die soon...

    But I have to say, I'm really not keen to 'celebrate' either Muldoon or Lange in the form of a public holiday...I'm voting for Hillary.

  4. I had no idea that Edmund's Hilary birthday was so well timed that'd be perfect. Do you think we should start agitating now? Or shall we wait until he dies?

    I don't want to agitate for Lange or Muldoon either, plus I don't think they have the wide public support needed (and if Lange does I don't want to encourage it)

  5. New years sucks in winter... Sufferage day or Children's Day.Possibly arbor day due to all the hippies in new zealand