Sunday, December 18, 2005

Probably the only post where I will praise the police

I write about the court system more than I expected I would. I think, particularly if you ignore the high profile cases, this is because it says a lot about what we value (and if you want to know what our 'justice' system is actually like spend a day in the district court). And I usually write about it because I'm grumpy. But in the spirit of Christmas I'm going to praise both the courts and the police (don't worry I won't make a habit of it.

Check out this article. A woman and her friend return home and find her DVD player was stolen. They spy a couple of local 'youths' in the bushes. They have no evidence that the kids took anything, but the guy hauls one of them in to a car and drive off with them. The kid objects, and they let him out, go off to the police station, where the DVD owners friend gets charged with assault and kidnapping.

They then have the arrogance to go to the paper: "Ms Evans said the charges raised the question of when it was okay to defend your own property."

I think we all have a God given right to kidnap anyone who we think has stole from us, don't you? I think there we could start with the Employers and take it from there.


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  2. reminds me of the accusations that the Maori Party kidnapped some young guy who was stickering their billboards on behalf of Tamihere - we never got the full story on that one, methinks.

  3. Anonymous10:45 pm

    kidnap is hardly the right word if he intended taking him to the police station! unfortunate term. I think it shows a disasterous trend in society where people no longer look out for their neighbours and are too scared to defend themselves, because they might get charged!

    I suppose you also support the American case against Cory Maye who got woken up by police entering his bedroom, shot one when he had no idea they were cops breaking in, and is now on death row! yes, lets Americanise our justice system, good idea.