Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Other Reasons to Hate Chriscos

There are many (of course) reasons to hate Chriscos (the 'boy's stocking stuffer' has blow-up punching gloves with the American flag on them), but I'm going to focus on the 'Healthy' Hamper. I have some issues with the use of the word 'healthy' to refer to food, and this hamper is particularly bad.

This hamper has Diet Coke, diet jam, weight watchers cookies (of many different sorts), and similar products.

There are lots of comments that you could make about this (artificial sweeteners not being the least carcinogenic thing on the planet) and many examples where rice-crackers wouldn't be the food that would most improve an individual's health. But I have one simple point to make:

Weight-loss diets and healthy are not synonymous. Things that promote weight-loss do not necessarily promote health (and vice-versa).

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  1. You know I've always found it amusing that Crisco's are named after a popular sexual lubricant.