Friday, December 02, 2005

Death Penalty

I have a long-standing ambition to protest outside every Embassy and Consulate in Wellington. So far I've managed: American, British, Australian, Italian, Canadian, French, Israeli, Japanese and Russian. I didn't realise quite how ghoulish this plan was until today (most Embassy protests have been related to war, and the rest have mostly been about the mistreatment of activists). I wasn't able to make the protest outside the Singaporean Embassy, but wish I'd known about it in time.

As someone who is strongly against the death penalty, I don't have any problem with the media attention Van's case has been getting. I only wish every execution everywhere got the same attention. As someone who has been to multiple Free Mumia Abu Jamal protests I don't think that focussing on one death row case devalues any of the, many, other similar cases.

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