Thursday, December 08, 2005

Possibly the island is too good for him

The Vatican has withdrawn an invitation for Brazilian singing star Daniela Mercury to perform before the pope in a Christmas concert because she took part in an anti-AIDS campaign promoting the use of condoms, the singer said on Wednesday.
I've just rewritten about three responses to that fact - I am so angry I find it difficult to write a coherent response.

I understand why capitalists act the way they do, when I come across something that I find particularly repugnant I have tools to analyse their behaviour, and that analysis guides my response. I have no idea why nut-case religious leaders act the way do. Where in the bible did Jesus say "I'd rather people died than wore a condom"? Why doesn't the life people are actually living matter to the pope? How could you have those people's deaths on your conscience and still get up in the morning?

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  1. Religions are highly effective systems of social control. Part of that system is to limit and repress peoples sexuality.

    Hence the Catholic church propagates the belief that sex for pleasure is somehow wrong. People dying of Aids is not a threat to the church's grip on its adherents and is thus not a problem that concerns the Pope.

    Remember that if you go see that Narnia movie.