Monday, December 05, 2005

Depressing Sights

Two depressing sights today

One was two hand lettered posters saying: "Deport All Asians - Stop SARS" and "Save Our Animals Deport Asians" (one side of me was a little appalled at the poor poster-putting up ability shown. These posters were stuck up with gaffer tape - which is not only expensive, but remarkably easy to knock down. Plus the choice of sites was all wrong - a bus and a stop sign - when right near by was one of those lovely traffic light control boxes which might as well have been invented for putting up posters. But that's kind of not the point)

I don't even know what the second poster was supposed to mean. Was it a reference to Paul McCartney's recent statement that he wouldn't go to China because they used cat and dog fur on things? (which I totally don't understand, lots of places use animals for fur, why just focus on cats and dogs, is it because they're cute and he's kind of racist). Or something to do with bird flu? Anyway - nonsense but depressing nontheless.

The other was a destiny church Sunday School. The, very young, kids were marching in a line - boys first. I couldn't help remembering the boy, probably about five years older who had shook his fist at me last year and shouted "Enough is Enough" - and when I asked him 'enough what?' - he didn't know.


  1. You didn't happen to keep those posters by any chance did you? Would I be able to get them off you at some point if you did?

    If not, can you describe them in any more detail? Any logos, PO Boxes, or anything else but the text on them?


  2. I didn't keep them, but I'm also not in Wellington at the moment. There was nothing identifying - they were scrawled on paper and stuck up with gaffer tape.