Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Regular readers to this blog may remember that I have a long-standing fantasy to send a whole bunch of capitalists to an island where they can go and prove how well capitalism works when they don't have anyone else to exploit; there are some variations to this plan of mine (sometimes I give them a whole bunch of money and nothing else, sometimes I film it reality TV style, sometimes the island is Muroroa), but the basic plan is always the same.

I don't know who runs Chrisco Christmas club, but I definately want them on the island. One of my friends had acquired a catalogue, and the prices they charge are outrageous. For those of you who don't know Chrisco Christmas Club offer Christmas hampers where you pay a small amount per week and get all this stuff at Christmas. Nothing intrinsically wrong with that, but the amount that you pay through the year is more than you can get the goods for at Christmas time. So they're charging your interest when you're lending them the money. Plus they target low-income areas after Christmas, preying on their poverty and their dreams.

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  1. Anonymous4:33 pm

    A Chrisco catalogue came in the mail the other day, for someone who lived in my house previously...I had a look, and oh my God! It is soooo expensive. And the food isn't even good! There's lots of horrible tinned or packeted shite, and some of the hampers aren't Christmasy at all...not that I really care about Christmas, but I thought the idea was that you SAVED money and had lots of YUMMY food all in time for CHRISTMAS. What a rip-off.