Saturday, November 05, 2005

But No Thanks

So, after doing a little bit more research I discovered that Maxim's database is wrong. I thought it was unlikely that Matt Robson voted for parental consent/notification of abortions (I know that he has abandoned most of the principles he supported as a 1970s Socialist Action League member, but that would be a bit much).

For anyone who is as geeky about abortion law as me check Hansard out to see how people actually voted.


  1. i was so surprised to see that some of the act members voted against the care of childrens act. i was happy about that.

  2. Really? Why were you surprised? ACT should theoretically be the party for people like Davd Farrar: who want to privatise everything that moves, but don't actually care about women having abortions as long as they can afford it.

    But I'm not surprised that they're actually full of moralistic fuckwits like Muriel Newman and Stephen Franks.

  3. i just thought (and i guess somewhat simplistically) that national = anti gay, anti women, anti maori etc, and that because act are even more right wing i thought they would be even more anti gay women maori etc....

  4. ah but they are anti in a less interventionist way - they oppose state intervention in life, including the state determining who is allowed to access what - issues of access should be determined by income instead. which is not really a whole heap better, but it is different. and disastrous in health and education.