Thursday, March 01, 2007


I wrote this about the last time:

"If it's not the first news story, the jury isn't back yet," I said. We both waited - the fifth time we'd listened to those beeps together today.

"There is still no verdict in the Louise Nicholas rape trial." As the hours and days dragged on, I kept having the same conversations: "At least someone believes her," and, "I hope they stay staunch."
I remember ducking out of a meeting to catch the midday news - another woman rushed in when she heard the radio "is there a verdict?"

The waiting is almost harder this time round. Yelling "it's not a sex trial" at Sean Plunkett didn't make me feel that much better.

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  1. Anonymous11:01 pm

    well, its all as we feared, Maia. And how could it be anything else ... the whole trial was a farce and failure to convict was inevitable.

    What a gift for the bully-boy misogynists that abound in the shadowy world of blog comments .. so bl. hard and brave that they cannot sign their comments with their real names.

    I am so mad about this whole business that I have wept today. And so should we all.