Sunday, March 04, 2007

One Million Dollars

You don't hear me praise the government often, but right now I like their timing. It was good to hear: "Clint Rickards, Brad Shipton, and Bob Schollum were acquitted, meanwhile the government has announced one million dollars for a research project into how to secure more convictions for sexual offences."

When I was driving along tonight and heard this: "How the police and the courts can support victims of sexual assaults." I laughed to the point of hysteria. Police officers could stop raping women - many women would feel supported by that change. I also suspect this isn't the most helpful way a police officer can respond to a woman who is laying a sexual abuse complaint: "He looked me in the eye, told me I was wasting their time, that I was making some pretty serious allegations and who's going to believe you? He indicated, there's the door, use it."

I imagine not giving the Assistant Commissioner job to a rapist would also be a step in the right direction.


  1. Booting said rapist out of the force altogether without severance pay would also help. Somehow, though, I suspect he'll be paid a handsome sum to go away.

  2. Me too fi, me too.

    Which actually I think is far preferable to him staying in. While I'd much prefer the first option you outline, I'll go with the latter if necessary.

  3. I guess the payout is the lesser of two evils. In a more just world, not only would he be in prison right now, but he'd be hit up for the salary he received while he was suspended. Of course, in a perfect world, people like Rickards and his cronies wouldn't exist in the first place.