Sunday, March 04, 2007

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I had to spend Friday out of town, as we were driving back I said to my friend how much I wanted to know what had been going on during that day. Here's some of what did happen.

Spanblather's post Powerlessness is incredibly well written and demonstrates the connections between her personal reactions and the wider political issues (me - I deal with this all with a crazy burst of activity - the more leaflets I give out and posters I put up, the less I'll have to confront how hard it can be to live in a world like this).

Jo has a great picture of the Christchurch graffiti.

indymedia has had some really great stuff, and generally gets a radical version of the mainstream media up pretty quickly.

There has also been some good reporting in the mainstream media.

Morning Report's coverage on Friday morning was excellent. My favourite was there interview with Louise Nicholas, although all their stories are worth listening to.

Although my personal highlight was when Clint Rickards' lawyer listed the things that he believed put pressure on the jury he mentioned blogs that put out prejudiced ideas(but he didn't a misogynist society where gender relations are to a large part built on rape myths). John Haigh QC doesn't like me; I'm feeling better already.

While their obsession with the sexual element of these crimes makes it clear that they don't have a clue what they're talking about, NZ Herald does have some good stories. Plus the general tone is definately 'they're guilty as fuck, whatever the verdict is", which is something I appreciate.

Along that lines, I liked Tom Scott's cartoon, even if it was considerably milder than I felt.

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