Thursday, March 01, 2007

One More Thing

I have a rule about listening to Jim Mora which is 'don't', but at the moment if the jury's deliberating National Radio is on. Which mean I listened to George Garth ranting. His general rant was on politicains pushing through radical social engineering that the public don't want (round here we call that Rogernomics). But he said that it started with the abortion law reform back in 1977, which was pushed through despite huge opposition.

He's not wrong - it's just that the 1977 abortion law restricted access to abortion rather than liberalise it. The minority that pushed through the laws were the misogynist, anti-abortion, assholes like Muldoon, Lange, Birch and Bolger.

I have to say that yelling 'he's a fucking liar' at the radio the entire time he was talking did make me feel a bit better.

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