Monday, March 05, 2007

One more thing...

It may be easy to see the police rape trials as particular to the time they occurred in. But it's just not true. There is another rape trial going on at the moment. In this case a female student was raped after she passed out on her bed at the party.

During the evening she accidentally sent the rapist a text message intended for her tutor, which said "thanks, I need help, can we meet?"

Later on Jaskaran Singh went to her room and raped her.

It depresses and angers me how much basic matters of consent are ignored. If we had a society that actually valued consent, no defence would argue that that text message meant anything at all.

I know Jaskaran Singh is not alone, I know that he is not the only man that a drunk woman, a woman who has shown interest in him, a woman who has text messaged him have all consented to sex.

That knowledge is terrifying, for myself, for the women I know and love, and for all other women.

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