Monday, March 05, 2007

The vileness of Brad Shipton

There is one nasty, horrific detail of this case that hasn't been discussed as much as I would have thought.

In 2004 the police searched Brad Shipton's house and found his diary. In his diary they found the defendants name, and then the phrase 'milk bottle'.

I wonder what else was in Brad Shipton's diary that lead the police to believe that the phrase milk-bottle next to someone's name meant they should probably contact her, because Brad Shipton might have raped her with a bottle.

When they contacted the defendent she told her story, and gave the same date that was in Brad Shipton's diary. But the diary wasn't allowed into evidence, because the defendent said that she was raped with a whisky bottle, not a milk bottle.

Update: This story is now being covered in the mainstream press. The details I received came from an e-mail and were slightly different. I don't know if there were just one or two instances where Brad Shipton used the phrase 'milk-bottle'

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