Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Second most misogynist man in Wellington

I posted a letter to the paper yesterday, but there was another letter in Monday's paper that deserves a wider readership:

Your articles about women saying 'no' to casual sex shows hypocrisy because if a United States naval ship docked in Wellington tomorrow, girls from all parts of this nation would rush down, waving their knickers, to meet marines hungry for sex.

It is no different from what happened in World War II, when Yanks and Kiwis fought among themselves in Wellington's Pigeon Park.

Kiwi women have not changed over the years. Their santimonious, hypocritical atitudes live on. They are home-grown.

I should know - I was around as a Kiwi soldier and saw it all happen
60 years is a long time to hold a grudge against all women because someone found an American soldier more attractive (and good on her, I wouldn't sleep with him either).

I'd try and explain to him that just because that it's not hypocritical to say no to casual sex with one man, and then sleep with another. But I fear it would be a waste of time.


  1. Anonymous5:04 pm

    I sometimes wonder at the authenticity of some of the letter writers.

    Sometimes I think its the editors and their mates having a bit of a lend.

  2. Who would have thought that this sort of neaderthal testosterone fuckwit could still exist.
    Explains the state of the world doesn't it.

  3. Max there is no such thing as the definition of a 'feminazi', feminazi is a random term of abuse used by misogynists to attempt to discredit women who are trying to stand up for themselves.

    As for men, I hate men who rape women, I hate men who allow other women to rape women, I hate men who won't listen to women when they say men raped them, I hate men who make jokes about raping women, I hate men who don't stand up to men who are raping women, I hate men who don't listen to women when they say we live in a culture that not just tolerates and encourages rape.

    This doesn't mean that I hate all men, but sometimes, it comes pretty close.

    Please stop posting on my blog.

  4. Anonymous5:17 am

    Yes Max u must follow zee line - there is no such thing as feminazi

  5. Anonymous10:02 am

    Maia, you are accusing men of being misogynists (women haters) but you and your loony feminazi friends get upset when you are referred to as man haters. You are a very hate filled individual. You need help. Are you a lesbian by any chance?

  6. Chuck I don't get upset when I'm called a man hater.

    But I think you're right being a lesbian is the source of all my problems.

  7. Anonymous11:49 am

    A man writes (tentatively)...

    The trouble with 'man hating' is that it hardens responses from a huge number of men in the middle. They may not be your most radical comrades but they are support the idea that women should be treated with respect. They're strongly against rape and abuse. They try to be decent human beings.

    But this isn't enough. The more aggressive wing of feminism classes these men with the worst kind of rapist. Faced with this dialectic, the average male can accept his portrayal as the Enemy or switch off.

    I dont get it. Is this some sort of stalinist approach to force the class enemy out in the open, by attacking all males for the sins of the minority. What sort of mea culpa would be acceptable? It's hard to join the movement for reform if your place is to be the perpetual scapegoat.

    Or maybe men should just commit mass suicide and leave the world a better place.

    Ok, so you couldn't give a toss about what the average male thinks. In that case, be prepared to have your disdain reflected back at you.

  8. Anonymous1:36 pm

    As male i have never felt that maia's posts have been aimed at all males, sometimes their angry and they may be aimed a a fair number of men but in the culture we live in i'm of the opinion thats completely justified - just my 2 cents

    Thanks so much for the blog maia

  9. Anonymous3:13 pm


    Not too impressed by rape jokes myself. And I still think this whole debate quickly slides into aggressive anti-male rhetoric. So be it. I was just making a point that the hate speech is a turn-off to most men. A valid expression of anger? Fine.

  10. "I hate men who don't listen to women when they say we live in a culture that not just tolerates and encourages rape."

    Given that almost all men would fall into that category, including me, there's your anti-men hate speech right there. I don't have any problem with that though, because the concept of hate speech is bullshit - everybody hates somebody, and far be it from me to tell anyone that my hate is better than theirs. Maia's as free to hate men as I am to hate people who drive badly - it doesn't make her blog less interesting so why all the complaints? Bleating about hate speech is no match for having a convincing argument and making it.

  11. The funny thing is, if there really *were* all these 'man-hating feminazis" running around by pathetic choads' definition, we wouldn't be able to walk for the bodies.