Thursday, April 27, 2006


From indymedia:

Members of the Tuwharetoa Iwi occupying land in the central North Island say they are optimistic that a proposed sale will be halted. Taurewa Marae has been established on one of the blocks currently controlled by the government body Land Corp which make up the Taurewa Sheep Station near to National Park township.

The land has been deemed surplus to government requirements and a proposal to sell the land for a development, reportedly to include luxury accommodation and a golf course, has emerged. However, residents of the marae say Land Corp officials, who recently visited the occupation, admitted the proposed sale was illegal as the land had not been first offered back to its original owners.
The land was stolen from Maori, supposedly for a military training, but it was leased as a farm instead. Landcorp, which now runs all government owned farms, has decided it doesn't need the land anymore, so is looking to sell it.

It appears they are now thinking about 'offering' it to Maori. I don't think you offer something you've stole back, you give it back.

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