Sunday, April 23, 2006

I hadn't cried

The not guilty verdict in the police rape trial came out three weeks ago. I wrote about that case; I wrote about it because I was angry. Women posted in the comment threads and e-mailed me, they told their stories.

I had not cried. I felt totally overwhelmed by what women go through, about how alone so many women are in their pain. One night I drove right past my street and down to the sea, because I was almost crying, and hoped I could let some of my sorrow out, but I couldn't.

Tonight I started reading the posts from April 18 - blog to raise awareness of sexual violence. I cried for the first time since the end of March. These posts frame telling women's stories as an act of resistance, and I cried.

I'm writing about me, I don't mean to make this about me. I just meant to say how moved I was by the strength of the women who speak out; how moved I am by the strength of the women who get up and face another day.


  1. Thank you Maia.

  2. We all feel that way from time to time, but few of of us confine our compassion to just women.