Saturday, April 01, 2006

Comment Policy Update

I am not hosting any comment that calls Louise Nicholas a liar. Or indeed any comment that talks about rape survivors in a deregatory way.

You want to say that go somewhere else.


  1. Anonymous10:39 am

    LOL - you need to moderate some of YOUR own comments on here, otherwise you will end up in court pretty quick smart!

  2. Anonymous1:43 pm

    ha ha last writer, Maia will only get a slap on the hand because she telling the turth

  3. It is only possible to breach a supression order by telling the truth.
    If they are not enforced when the person tells the truth they effectively don't exist.

  4. Anonymous6:42 pm

    I really can't believe that these 4 men got away with it. I am actually really shocked that in this day and age with the victim in such obvious distress and all the evidence pointing towards these men beuing guilty, that they got away with it. One only needs to look at them to see all 4 of them are nasty pieces of work. Disgraceful for the NZ justice System.

  5. There are only three of them!

    Of course one only needs to look at them to know they are rapists, but were you so traumatised by the experience that you forgot how to count?

  6. Anonymous9:33 am

    Your policy really worries me. This is a blog. You have to expect comments. You have to expect comments you disagree with. It is mad to run a blog and then delete every comment you don't like. I think you will find that the only people who will read your blog now are those who think the same way you do - which is hardly a good starting point for a discussion. Why have a blog if you're not prepared to listen to other viewpoints or share opinions? Please consider changing your policy - or perhaps call your next post "Maia's own suppression order".

    PS I don't have an account on here but my own blog is at I'm not trying to hide behind anonymity!

  7. Anonymous10:02 am

    I was dumb enough to work for the Police for 14 years (non-sworn) and quickly learnt that sexual harrasement was expected. I was also raped by a Senior Sergeant in my own home.

    I did complain and while all the evidence supported my case, I was told they couldn't charge him because I had waited 30 minutes to call them, that meant someone else could have done it.

    He still has his job, I don't.

    I admire Louise Nicholas for being so brave in standing up to these assholes. I know from personal experience what these people are capable of and the jury should have been given all of the information.

    I only choose to ask to be anonymous because these people scare me

  8. Anonymous10:44 am

    "Why have a blog if you're not prepared to listen to other viewpoints or share opinions?"

    Because feminists get to hear patriarchal, misogynist opinions 24/7. Why should they have to tolerate them in their own blogs?

  9. Anonymous3:05 pm

    I slso believe they are guilty, due to supression of other evidence, relating to the 3 men involved.

  10. Anonymous4:25 pm

    "And we get to hear all your feminist bullshit in our ears at University 24/7!!"

    If you don't like hearing about feminism, why are you trolling a feminist blog?

  11. Anonymous5:13 pm

    "Because feminists get to hear patriarchal, misogynist opinions 24/7. Why should they have to tolerate them in their own blogs?"

    The real problem is that most women are only feminists when it suits them.

    I’ve never met a woman who met 50% of expenses on a date or in a relationship! Oh no - they all want to be Daddy’s little princess then!

    The funny thing about all this “male conspiracy” rubbish is that if men really wanted to totally subjugate women it could be done in less than 24 hours!

    Maybe we really should have a genuine sex war? Let’s see how long you’d last then!

  12. Anonymous8:55 pm

    The stupidity of Maia and her supporters is unbelievable. If some or all of the quitted Police Officers are meant to stand trial their lawyer will have a very strong argument that there is no way they could get a fair trial. After any trials that were likely to take place were over the suppression orders would probably been lifted.

    If these guys are guilty they will have these feminazis to thank.

    Incidentally, I use my real name unlike many on this blog

    Chuck Bird

  13. Anonymous10:12 am

    we knew that they can get away with murder,miggs morgan,steven wallace etc etc and now we know that they can get away with rape.They lie through their teeth in court,regularly assault people and in my own experience they can be bribed.The sooner the lid comes off the better.
    ps.I believe L N.

  14. Anonymous1:31 pm

    I have to say that as a man, I'm really offended by some of the stupid things being said here by other men. Women are no doubt subject to sexual violence from men and I'm not convinced that we can rely on our courts to ensure that those responsible are brought to account for their actions. I have a daughter and I never want her to be in Louise N's situation, but if god forbide she ever was, I'd expect every man to stand beside me demanding that a just result is ensured. This shouldn't be portrayed by dickhead men writing on this blog, as a war between the sexes. It's about the truth and stopping violence from destroying our communities. If there is a feminist conspiracy, then it's closely aligned to what I want for my wife and daughter.