Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If you all stick together now it won't be long

This rendition of Talking Union (if you don't let the race-hatred break you up) is honour of the people of France. Because Chirac has announced that he is going to withdraw the first job contract (CPE). That's what nationwide protests, strikes and riots can do. I agree entirely with I/S that it would be the best way to respond to the local version (and to end youth rates).

They're threatening to introduce a more taregetted law. Via Lenin's tomb:

However, the advice that was likely to have been given to the president on Monday is likely to recommend that the controversial contract be replaced by another contract aimed more specifically at young people without qualifications or training, according to people with knowledge of the preparations for the meeting.
This appears to be an effort to break solidarity between students and other young workers. This is a smart move because it was their unity that made the protests so strong and so powerful. But we can hope that we're smarter than they are and the students see that it's one struggle.

I agree and disagree with Interesting Times (a very cool New Zealand blog, that if I didn't know better I'd think I was writing myself):
But this is one hell of a victory - if its immediate concrete affects may be limited, the morale boost, the proof that protest does work cannot be underestimated.
I agree that winning shows our collective power like nothing else. But to win there must be immediate effects (even if only stopping bad things), otherwise it's not a victory.


  1. Anonymous10:34 pm

    The new French law may well turn out to be an improvement on what was proposed. But what are you actually celebrating? It was a conservative protest, dedicated to preventing change. The insiders (and those who aspire to join them) wanted to maintain a system that offers half of all the disadvantaged youths in the bainlieus nothing better than living on welfare.

  2. Anonymous12:07 am

    This protest will come back to bite unemployed French youth.

    Thank god for the Maori party backing the local version, this will give young people a much needed break.