Thursday, April 13, 2006


As you may have noticed the comments on this website have got truly out of hand. I want to set up a space where we can have reasonable discussion, and feminists will feel safe. That wasn't happening.

While it felt a little stupid deleting comments that said things like:

Could, Maia or any of the other lesbians or homosexuals on this blog tell me why normal heterosexual men should give a damn if man hating lesbians are pack raped? None of you give a damn about fathers getting alienated from their children because of the feminazis many of them lesbians in Parliament?
Those sorts of comments are begging for mockery. But I knew if I did that my blog wouldn't be the sort of space where anyone could have a sane conversation (plus I got really bored with deleting).

So I've made a couple of changes, I've disallowed anonymous comments, so you have register with blogger. This is a bit of a pain in the ass, and I've had a lot of valuable commentators who do so anonymously. But I can't get to my blog often enough to delete all the assholes who want to post here anonymously.

The other is that I'm adopting Feministe's comment policy "My Blog, My discretion".


  1. Good idea Maia. It is a pain and feels a bit like pyramid selling (I don't want to a blog, I just want to be able to post comments), but at least "anonymous" won't be schizophrenic.

  2. Chuck you are not welcome on my blog, please stop posting.

  3. I will agree to stop posting if you agree to stop posting offensive posts.

  4. The other is that I'm adopting Feministe's comment policy "My Blog, My discretion".

    Cripes. What was the policy before?!

  5. The policy before was that I deleted abusive comments (I often didn't get around to it) and that I wouldn't host any comments that called Louise Nicholas a liar (there are a couple of thread specific comment policies as well, mostly to stop every post on abortion a place where people talked about the morality of abortion).

    Over the last week the only comment policy that I had been enforcing was deleting suppressed information (when that became policy) and deleting degrading comments about Louise Nicholas.

    I've now started deleting degrading comments full stop.

  6. Well I'm still grumpy about my comment on oppression transcendence being "censored," just so's you know.

  7. The 300+ comment war on my LJ was the main kicker that lead to me creating hexpletive for Serious Issues blogging.

    Well, actually, it was the 150+ of the 300+ comments that was just misogynistic crap. The rest was interesting.

  8. Okay Maia. Now I'm starting to see your point. :(

  9. jftr, I found moderation worked well even in tandem with allowing non-blogger responses. I think blogger just gives you an option to go through the whole list of new messages at once and check: yes, yes, no, no.

    Up to you, of course. But I like getting messages from people who aren't necessarily on this system. It seems a shame to let the trolls drive 'em off. They usually get bored pretty fast once they see they're just not gonna show up, anyway. ime, jmho, etc.