Thursday, March 23, 2006

Why liberals (or leftists, or socialists or anarchists) don't make better lovers

An anonymous writer fromGQ made a list of the top 10 reasons Republicans were better in bed (David Farrar got quite excited) Ann from Feministing replied with a list of top 10 reasons liberals were better in bed. Here's #5:

5. Foreplay. Liberal men are so intellectually sexy that everything is foreplay. Republicans might get started in the cab after dinner, but the liberal man’s in-depth knowledge of (and vehement opposition to) various state-level abortion restrictions has got me all hot and bothered before we’ve ordered our entrees.
While this made me chuckle (and in a personal sense it's not inaccuarte). I also found some of the comments at Pandagon very amusing

But I kept on coming back to 'but....', I can't accept this argument even as a joke.

I've known left-wing men who couldn't grasp the radical notion that women were people. I've known left-wing men who treated women as objects for their conquest. I've known women who were raped by left-wing men. I've known women who were beaten by their left-wing boyfriends.

I wish that wasn't true. I wish that you could know that once a guy knew how to talk like he thought a woman's body was her own, you could trust him. I wish I could . But unfortunately it's not true, and I think it's foolish and dangerous to pretend that it is.

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  1. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Come on. How many men do you know in New Zealand who respect each person as owning their own body that cannot be trusted? I'd be hard pressed to think of any, yet I know a heap of educated, understanding men who can be trusted in this regard.

    Rather, my experience is that it is the reverse, many women thinking men are fair game who only think about one thing. This is inaccurate,insulting and demonstrates a lack of respect for the individual and their body.

  2. The truth is you never really know except from experience. I have been shocked by the number of women I know who have been raped and not reported it, because the man who did it would be more likely to be believed. It happens at all stratas of society and is very disturbing.

    I also have known women who have been sexually aggressive and frustrated that they couldn't "get what they want" and men who are passive towards women, because they fear rejection or humiliation, and women who complain about men who are "pussies".

    It would be nice if people were themselves and honest, and could be trusted - There are men who believe they can get away with controlling women, because they have done in the past. There are men who believe women are in control, because they have the power to accept or reject them, and men have to risk that to get to know women, with the prospects of an intimate relationship.

    I think most people can be trusted most of the time, but you never know who you can't trust.

  3. I have this image of a dorky guy droning on and on at great length, in bed, about the oppressive forces of patriarchy and the symbolism of this and that and the other, while the carefully tousled and sultry woman next to him gradually shows more and more impatience and boredom with her body language, and eventually falls asleep; while he drones on, completely oblivious...

    "Oh, Nigel, aren't we going to *do* anything, or are you just going to show me films all evening!?..."

  4. Anonymous4:38 pm

    I had an anarchist girlfriend once and she'd get drunk and beat me up. It sucked, I should have got out of that relationship real fast.