Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Robert Fisk

I went to hear Robert Fisk talk tonight. He was incredible, so articulate, so intelligent, and he talked about the hard bits about the life that he had choosen (and told us not to be sorry for him). I couldn't possibly summarise the talk as the whole. But there are two bits I want to quote, because I really liked them. I've but them in blockquotes, but of course I'm doing it from memory.

Someone asked how he dealt with anger he answered:

I write a column every week and my editor prints it without leaving anything else. I believe in reporting victims not generals. I don't give equal space for those whose arms are blown off and those who are blowing arms off people.
The next question was if anything had changed for the better in the Middle East in the last 30 years:
Things have changed, but they may not be the things you want. The difference is that Arabs aren't afraid anymore. It used to be that when Israel attacked Lebanon everyone fled to Beirut. Now when Israel attacks Lebanon carloads of young men from Beirut get into their cars and head to the border. Now I abhor violence, loathe it, but we have to realise we are living in a violent world. People are fighting back, rather than being afraid.
I have friends who support resistance to imperialism no matter who is doing it and how. I don't share that view, before I could actually support a resistence movement I would have to know how they treated their own people, and what they were trying to do. But I actually don't think that my support matters that much, because the right to self-defence is so fundamental that they'll do it whether or not someone in Wellington agrees with what they're doing or not.

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  1. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Oooh I'm jealous - I saw him on Campbell and he was great. Also, I found someone to talk to at work about how great he was, so that was nice :)

  2. I missed John Campbell, I was at a meeting or something. I'm hoping someone managed to record it for me.

    Yay for sane work mates.

  3. For more real news go to ZNet
    Many of Robert Fisk's articles appear there.