Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Someone I like

It should come to the surprise of no regular reader of this blog that I was geeky enough to buy a DVD of Joss Whedon talking about writing for an hour. I thought I'd share my favourite bit with everyone, as one of the many reasons why I'm really into Joss Whedon (besides you know Buffy, Firefly, some of Angel, the DVD commentaries, and particularly the last five minutes of Becoming II, oh and all of Innocence, and Kaylee).

He was talking about writing for Roseanne, which he worked on for a season, and it was his first television job. His first script was going to open with Jackie really, really drunk, and Roseanne coming round, and not knowing that the reason that Jackie was drunk was because she'd had an abortion. Joss gets all excited about writing about the real feminist issues, and talking about things that matter to people, and writes the first draft. Then the notes from network come back: "make it a miscarriage, it works just the same, it's totally the same thing." Joss describes that as his first job and his first heartbreak.


  1. How sad, yet typical.

  2. That's why Buffy and Angel were so bitingly funny.