Tuesday, October 25, 2005

One more thought about nazis

A couple of days ago I read about two 13 year-old blonde twins who Pam at Pandagon described as the Olsen twins of the white pride movement. Apparently they go around singing songs about how much better white people are than anyone else. It was creepy, but I don't have anything interesting to say about it besides - creepy.

But then I was randomly looking at different New Zealand blogs and I saw that David Farrar had a different response. He posted this:

Under the headline 'What a Waste'.

The commenters seems to agree with him: "They are good looking though...", "Their parents should be ashamed of themselves. I wouldnt mind giving them both a proper seeing to!", "Of course I read that they are also 13 years old... so the idea of giving them some is a tad too early :)"

Yes it is such a waste when 13 year old blonde twins whose sole role in life should be to service men, either in fantasy, or reality, ruin that possibility.

The idea that David Farrar, or any of his cronies, might spend time around any actual flesh and blood women terrifies me.


  1. Yes, they are very good looking. And with their well known image they will have a perfect future ... in the porn industry!
    My god, don't these girls ask themselves what they make with themselves? I don't know too much about the US and the behavior of employers there, buthere in germany they wouldn't get ANY job in future except in porn movies.
    Let us wish them much fun for their future in sucking... hehe

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  3. Anonymous1:39 am

    I saw a Louis Theroux documentary in which he interviewed these girls when they were about 11 and hadn't yet achieved the fame they have now. It was very sad because they seemed like nice, intelligent, sweet little girls whose minds were being poisoned by their mother. I hoped they might realise what rubbish she was making them sing as they get older but sadly not.

  4. Anonymous11:29 am

    Farrar is bizarre. Most of the stuff he posts in intelligent enough (for a right winger) but he appears to have a problem in relating to women as something other than objects for his fantasies.

  5. Good to see a woman standing up against the sleaze that oozes from the keyboard of Farrar, in true feminist spirit. How he expects anyone to take him seriously with such a lack of taste and decency is beyond me. And then the way he always talks up the most mysoginistic female blogger I have ever encountered (Odgers) is also rather sickening.

  6. While not being able to relate to women is (unfortunately) not limited to the right, there are lines that you don't expect people to cross. I call that line 'puberty'.