Monday, October 17, 2005

Well that sucks

So the question is which is the worst bit of reactionary legislation we've got on our way and who does it come from? We'll have two categories, one for definate initiatives, and the other for the 'maybes'.

The definates (there may be some paraphrasing in here):

* An immigration review that makes sure that no Iraqis or Queers ever get inside our boarders.

* Increase the police to a level that ensures that no poor young people can ever have any fun by 2010.

* Complain a lot about the treaty process, and make it harder to achieve anything.

* Give business money

* Privatise the health service

* Make sure that prostitutes only operate in places that Peter Dunne doesn't want to go.

I think I'm most angry about the health stuff - because Labour has basically already done its best to enact Peters' immigration policy, and almost every party talked about the importance of more cops on the streets so women can feel safer, knowing that cops generally only rape people indoors.

Then there are the maybes, and these are the ones that actually make me want to cry:

* Decrease the age of criminal responsibility to 12

* Introduce income splitting

I'm unsure about the Kyoto stuff, I don't know enough about it to understand whether it would actually reduce polution, or whether it would be another consumer tax. But both Dunne and Peters bought themselves a road to service their local constituents - go pork barrel politics.

Then the only good thing to come out of all this, the introduction of a minimum wage of $12.00 by 2008, has 'if economic conditions allow' attached.

I believe right now I hate every single person in parliament.

Particularly the greens, their policy concessions are so unbelieveably lame I wonder why they bothered. They got advancements on all their most annonying and useless policies (I'm looking at you 'improving the nutritional environment' and you 'buy NZ made campaign'), and got nothing on anything which would make anyone's life any better. I might forgive them if the child poverty bullet point becomes extending the working families package to beneficiaries, but I bet it won't happen.

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