Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mad I tell you!

I'm a little bit worried that Shadow Minister for Ridiculing Wayne Mapp might end up being a larger role than I anticipated. When accepting the role I thought to myself 'how stupid can one person be'?

Big mistake.

On morning report today the only concrete example he could give of political correctness (GONE MAD) was of Maori spiritual values being written into legislation (the only example I could find was in the Resource Management Act, which was a 1991 piece of legislation, I guess Wayne Mapp needs to eradicate Jim Bolger, a man well known for his political correctness). So he went on at quite some length about the fact that our country was a secular nation, and that meant respecting everyone's beliefs. So Sean Plunkett says "So that means eliminating the Lord's Prayer before parliament sits." Wayne Mapp acts like someone wants

(This reminds me of earlier in the year when Trevor Mallard was appointed Minister in Charge of Making Sure Everyone Knew that Labour Can be Just as Racist as National, he started wittering on about how prayers in schools were allowed if they're in Maori but no in English. I went to a state secondary from 1991-1995 and we had prayers in English (and the school still does), we sang hymns and we had bible readings. In defence of my school we sang other songs as well, I have high school to thank for the fact that I know the words to Bread and Roses.)

Now prayers in public life is on the (relavtively short) list of issues that I can't bring myself to care for (also on that list the Monarchy, and well that's about it), but either we're a secular society or we're not. Either religion is acceptable or it's not, pick a side and stop looking like a burbling idiot on National Radio.

Now ridiculing Wayne Mapp is all too easy, kind of like shooting fish in a barrel, with a rock launcher, but (contrary to my predictions) he defined PC, as the "the minority telling the majority how to think on issues of reasonable political discorse."

There is only minority in Aotearoa that has that ability to impose their views and interests on the rest of us. It's not Maori, it's not gays, it's not transgendered people, it's not women (still not a minority), it's the rich. The whole purpose of this palava is to distract us from this fact.

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  1. Anonymous10:16 am

    A friend recently pointed out that clearly since National only got 39% of the vote. So clearly listening to the minority views of Wayne Mapp is according to him and the twit who appointed him - NOT only madness, but political correctness gone a world set afire by Don Brash's passion.

    With the mental contortions that enabled me to make that a politically true statement I've found myself looking out the window looking for flying fundamentalist christians - for surely the end times must be upon us.