Saturday, October 29, 2005

Saturday Advice Blogging: Teen Guide to Homemaking Edition

My post about Brio reminded me of one of my favourite books. It's called Teen Guide to Homemaking. It's a 1961 American text book, and it's hilarious. Unlike Brio you don't need to worry about anyone being damaged by the ridiculous, because it's a 44 year old school text book, I'm sure no-one paid any attention

I think the year it was put out is one of the reasons I enjoy this book so much. I like to imagine that some of the girls who were bored and doodling in the margins while the teacher explains how to fit a girdle, were teaching themselves to perform abortions a few years later.

So I thought each Saturday I'd share a little bit of the pearls of wisdom of how to be a teen homemaker.

Being a Friend

To decide whether or not you are a good friend, answer the question in the "Friendship Check List as Sally did. Each question in it is concerned wiht some quality that others will look for in you when they choose you for a friend.

Friendship Checklist

* Do you listen attentively to what people say to you?
* Are you modest about your own accomplisments?
* Do refrain from talking about yourself most of the time?
* Do you give credit to others for their successes and achievements?
* Can you be depended upon to do what you promise?
* Are you unselfish in your relations with othe rpeople?
* Can you control your temper?
* Can you share in a conversation on such topics as sports, hobbies or current events?
* Do you refrain from being sarcastic?
* Do you refrain from contradicting or arguing with others?

(sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, yes, sometimes, sometimes, mostly, sometimes, never, and hell no)

I think I'll spend today evaluating my friends against this checklist, if some of them come up wanting I'll obviously have to rectify the situation immediately.


  1. Anonymous10:51 am

    Oh no! Well I had a good run, maybe we could still email or something?

  2. so basically to be a good friend you need to be meek and mild and never have a debate or argument?

    i wonder if the advice would be the same for guys?

  3. I know, it's basically ruling out people with sense of humours or opinions, and putting

    I do wonder about the gendered aspect. The what girls look for in a boy, and what boys look for in a girl section is quite hilarious. Maybe I'll post that next week