Monday, October 15, 2007

Redesign - Help!

When blogger gave me some new knobs to twiddle I had great fun experimenting with you this blog looks. But I've come to the conclusion that it my attempt to design a blog was ugly (this was helped by everyone I knew telling me it was ugly). I decided I wanted my blog just to be black text on a white background with a really simple banner. I made myself the banner (in paint - that was fun). I've put it up the top, but it just kind of sits there, it won't resize itself, I can't seem to centre it in the page - so it's just kind of funny looking. Help advice, or even just telling me to go back to the Minima template (which has always been my favourite but it misformats in a way that really irritates me), would be welcome.


  1. If blogger lets you use html on the design then for the banner type img src=banner.jpg width=800 make sure thats inside square brackets (< and >) for 'banner.jpg' put whatever the name of the filke is. if 800 is too big try a lower number, too small try a higher one.

  2. Anonymous1:09 pm

    I don't know if you've altered it already, but I like your new banner! :-) Sorry, not much help...

  3. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Looks really good to me. The width of the banner is the same as the column of the blogpost, not the whole page. Looks way better than what you had before (it used to load very large from the RSS feed page and I would have to resize the page to see any text). The banner is great too.

  4. Anonymous11:23 pm

    I think it looks good to me. :) - John A.

  5. Anonymous11:24 pm

    I like the new banner. Wasn't too sure about the new design at first but after looking at it a bit, I think it's quite elegant (thou I still liked the purple...) XD

  6. Anonymous10:20 am

    Banner is good- the Pat Robertson quote is easy to miss.