Monday, October 15, 2007

Alec Shaw lost his job! Alec Shaw lost his job!

There's a dance which goes along with the 'Alec Shaw lost his job' song, but you can't see it because blogging is a text medium. You have to trust that I'm doing it.

If you hadn't noticed this was my local body election results. I don't expect it to be particularly in depth, because I've already stated the best news of the election (in case anyone was wondering I did end up voting for Iona Pannett specifically so I could do the Alec Shaw lost his job song).

The Wellington City Council results were predictable, with all existing councillors except Alec Shaw and Jack Ruben keeping their seats. The Wellington Regional Council results were pretty dire, but I'll congratulate Paul Bruce, because I don't think he'd really support water metering (and if he does I'll flag him down and argue with him).

I'd like to congratulate Byron for beating Kyle Chapman - the Nazi candidate.

Looking at the candidate profiles for the Christchurch candidates - I have to say that's an odd group of people there. They seem to have even less grasp on using language to communicate than your average group of mayoral candidates (which is not setting a high standard).

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  1. Anonymous10:22 am

    Robert Armstrong (Northern) also lost his job, to Ngaire Best, which is a minor improvement. The rest of the results are largely pretty dire, though.