Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kia Kaha

It's been a long day.

I have every reason to believe that the police have mis-represented the people arrested and their actions.

But my support of their resistance is not conditional on dividing good activists and bad activists, legitimate and illigetimate protest.

I'm very limited by what I can say, by suppression orders and exhaustions. All I wanted to say was in the title anyway.


  1. Anonymous7:15 am

    I`m very interested in anything you have to say on this. I wouldnt reference you but would like to put an informed post on my blog.

    Email me and i`ll tell you which blog i have and you can decide how much you would like to say.


  2. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Doing what kind of thing?

  3. Weka is bang on - There isn't enough information in the public forum to have any sort of "informed" opinion about what is really going on.

    Anonymous - Making the assumption that Maia has reason to suspect the police are wrong simply because she is as you put it "a left wing activist" is extremely ignorant.

    In fact due to the fact that she is an activist means she is closer to what is going on, likely knows some of the people involved/accused, and no doubt has access to information you and I do not, as implied by her post.

  4. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Zac, Mia doesn't trust the police on *anything*. Why on earth would that change when her friends get arrested?

    No offence to Mia - in fact I'm pretty sure she's proud of the fact.

  5. Anonymous12:01 am

    the reason there isnt much commenting is because helen clark is saying terrorists wanted to kill her and there was an insurrection - fkn crazy paranoia of the bush style.

    so ppl are framed up and ppl have to wait till court and trials happen will there is more discussion. this is serious shit, 300 armed police cracked down on activists around the country.

    cut some slack and hold of from wanting to know everything

  6. Anonymous2:01 am

    Maia is quyite proud of her lifestyle and distrust of any authority figures.

    She spends her life protesting and making up her conspiracy theories no matter if they are true or not.

    If National Socialists got arrested she wouldn't care because they are a different branch of her brand of socialism. Same hate different object of hatred.

  7. Anonymous9:29 am

    scrubone, I think you'll find that Maia has rather a lot of time for the police who investigated Operation Austin, contrary to your statement that she doesn't trust the police on anything at all. I don't see anything wrong with a healthy scepticism about authority figures, especially when Greg O'Connor (head of the Police Assn) has such reprehensible views eg Rickards should be reinstated and police should have guns.

  8. Anonymous5:41 pm

    "I'm proud of my lifestyle of holding down a job, paying my taxes and being a responsible member of society which are values that Maia actively despises. Maybe she should try it one day."

    I nearly fell off my chair with laughter when I read this rather assumptive comment.

    You know a lot less about Maia than you think you do if you can type that statement with a straight face.

    Besides which, what is wrong with questioning authority and expressing scepticism? I consider that to be a key part of being a responsible member of society, rather than blindly believing what is in the media.

  9. Anonymous2:11 am

    Christ, between here and Tumeke, it's getting to be like talkback radio. Can someone please start up a moderated leftwing forum in NZ, where we can have some intelligent discussion without all the personal crap?

    And for god's sake, at least have the sense to make up a name so you don't all look like the same anonymous. Or Maia, can you set the blog to blogger or other only, with no anonymous option?

  10. Anonymous9:42 am

    Thanks weka for a ray of intelligence.

    Maia, I love you dearly, and once again you have made me cry reading your posts of the last two days.

    To all the other cowardly anonymous morons:
    you assume that you know us, you are wrong.
    And babysitting has been work ever since you were born, your mothers worked for no money to bring you up, f*whits!
    Activism is something anyone can engage in, waged or unwaged, as we can testify.

  11. Wow, anonymous insults. That's courage. I'm so impressed.

  12. Anonymous10:48 am

    Oh really Muerk

    How about posting your real name and address here.

    Looks like some people here are a little scared of divergent opinion.

  13. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Some divergent opinion about the issues would be welcome. Hell, some divergent opinion about Maia would be an improvement. All that seems to happen is a string of anonymouses chanting "Maia is a stalinist moron and we hate her". Gee, that's conducive to understanding the issues at hand.

    Personally, I think when you come to someone's space, like their blog, then you treat them with respect even when, especially when, you disagree with what they are saying. This doesn't mean you have to always be polite or that you can't speak your mind, it just means that you stay aware that there are other humans in the room.

    The issue of using anonymous... if you use a pseudonym then at least there can be a conversation. It's almost impossible to have a proper conversation with a string of statements when you can't differentiate who said them. But then I seriously doubt that conversation or any kind of attempt at useful communication is what anonymouses have in mind.

  14. Tess Rooney. 5 Milton Rd, Greymouth. Feel free to send me a postcard anytime. Hey, drop in and have a cup of tea.

    And btw, I'm a pro-life Roman Catholic which is about as divergent as you can get from Maia.

  15. I am not an activist tho sure I did march a few times with anti-war and student fees marches. I am married, have two children, own a house, have a job, have an employed husband (who is the father of both my children), am university educated after attending a very white-bred private school. I too know some of those arrested. I too am shocked by the arrests and I too feel it is time to stand up against the anti-terror laws. it is our right as NZers, as human beings to be able to dissent, to disagree with the status quo without fear of disproportionate reprisal.We live in a democracy not a facist state yet too many are ready to give up their rights without comment. The beliefs of those arrested and possibly their naivety is not the issue...the real issue is are you prepared to sacrifice your right to speak out, to disagree simply because someone shouts the word terrorism?