Friday, October 12, 2007

Definately half empty

From stuff:

A Wellington District Court jury today found a taxi driver guilty of raping a young woman after picking her up in his cab early one morning in September last year.

Abdirazak Yussuf Mussa, 55, from Miramar, pleaded not guilty before Judge Susan Thomas to two counts of rape and one of abduction with intent to sexually violate.

The jury took three hours to deliberate before returning with the three guilty verdicts.
I think I'd feel happier that this woman was believed, if I thought the verdict would have been returned so quickly had the rapist been white.

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  1. Oh, come on! All this rubbish about racism in New Zealand courts and society when really its the reverse, white people are treated much worse, as they cant play the race card whenever they commit a crime. Heck, had the guy been Maori he would have probbably got a reduced sentance under the treaty of Waitangi or something similar.

    Besides, i remember a rape murder of a 3 year old girl, Terrsa Cormak or something a some years ago. The man (who was white) was found guilty in two hours, so three isnt that bad.