Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Clint Rickards law

I have been developing a new law of New Zealand politics it goes something like this:

Any statement of principle can be read as if it explicitly states an exception for Clint Rickards (and his associates, and his associates' associates)
This enables me to say such things as:

"Peter McNamara got denied bail - Awesome!"

"Why haven't they fired him yet?"*

"Stupid prison guards stopping people from beating up Brad Shipton."

"You're from Pahiatua he's from Pahiatua, can't you do something about Paul Mabey?"

This new law is slightly more than a joke. I think it's really easy to talk about the (in)justice system as a set of abstract principle. But these abstract principles interact with our unjust world in very specific, and not complicated ways. It'll always be the rich and powerful who get the reasonable doubt, and the poor and powerless who won't.

I thought I'd post this today because John Dewar is up for sentencing tomorrow and if he gets over two years he's not eligible for home detention.

I don't believe in jail.

* This doesn't really count because he's management and I have no problem firing management


  1. Police Bad; Tree Pretty;

    You should change the name of your blog

  2. Four and a half years.

    Justice at last.