Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is this a totally stupid idea?

From Don Brash:

"I've added a possibly outrageous suggestion that we provide free contraception to women between the ages of 16 and 30 on a doctor's prescription, on the grounds it might appeal to women, and could well be 'self-funding' in terms of a reduction of DPB disbursements. Is this a totally stupid idea?"

I think it's rather hilarious is that he think it 'might' appeal to women. There are such things as feminist movements, they do have demands - you don't actually have to think that hard, or care that much to figure out some policy that might appeal to women.

Although maybe he's right, since if this had been policy, the the 16-30 age limit would have made me really fucking angry.

I think I'd be happier about him being out of a job, if the new deputy leader of the National Party doesn't believe in women having control of their reproduction - even if it saves money.


  1. Anonymous7:56 am

    Maybe he has something there - only mature women can raise children correctly. Children raising children - mmmmm

  2. they could just make the pill free and available from the supermarket.

    They could also, while they are at it make suicide pills free and similarly available.

    You might also want to make a male contraceptive free although maybe not condoms, otherwise people would use them as party ballons and other ridiculous things and it would just be come one big subsidy to thailand.

    then again that sort of thing could ruin my plan... I wonder if there is a similar useage of contraceptive pills - as a rat poison or somthing... Ok maybe leave a nominal cost.

  3. Genius - actually the reason for the Doctor availability is due to the horrendous potential side effects that actually aren't that uncommon.

    Maybe "free" from your pharmacy - but never the supermarket.

    Plus girls can already get a prescription for a couple of hundred condoms for a couple of bucks.

    Or get them free from family planning (just in smaller quantites).

  4. a prescription for condoms?

    As they said 100 years ago, "Judas Priest on a pony!"

    Love the site, and the name. Totally ignorant about New Zealand, but I hope you'll forgive me.

  5. brendan - you don't need a prescription to get condoms in NZ, just a prescription to get cheap condoms.

    We have a socialised medical system, which covers contraception on prescription.