Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fighting and Winning

The struggle in Oaxaca is still on-going. Brownfemipower has a great update of what's going on now. There was a women's march in Oaxaca, on the 19th November:

More excellent photos can be found here.

For people with better Spanish than me Indymedia Mexico would be a very good resource for more information. For non-Spanish speakers like me there are some really interesting articles on NYC indymedia and Narco News

The Houston Janitors, who I wrote about a week ago, have won a collective contract, which has significant pay-increses, more hours, health insurance and paid holidays. You can read more about the deal here. As a New Zealand union organiser I was impressed at how many important gains they'd made, but also shocked that low-wage workers had to go on strike to get paid holidays and health-care.

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