Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Helen Clark can just fuck off

This is what she had to say about the Medical Laboratory Workers strike:

Miss Clark said district health boards could not agree to "any demands that are thrown on the table" and there had to be negotiation. It was interesting that one person, Deborah Powell, represented the various groups of health workers who had taken industrial action this year, she told Radio Live yesterday.

"The fact is that the records would show that there's been more willingness to negotiate by other unions in the sector than there is with these ones led by the same person."

At a post-Cabinet press conference later in the day Miss Clark said she was pointing out the obvious, that the strikes were being driven by essentially the same organisation.

Asked if Dr Powell was simply doing her job, she said: "That's for others to judge but these strikes which have been rolling through junior doctors, radiographers, lab workers - are all coming from the same stable."

To suggest that the only reason that health workers are unhappy, the only reason that they're prepared to take collective action, is that they're being controlled by somone, is insulting and ridiculous.

I could give you a whole bunch of reasons to support the Medical Laboratory Workers, but I'm not goign to. That'd play into the idea that every industrial dispute is a form of special pleading. I've had enough of that - I support the strike because workers are fighting for better wages and conditions.

I'm glad to say that the Prime Minister isn't the voice of the people - a Stuff poll had over 50% support for the strike


  1. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Did anyone have Helen Clark on about this - or any of her other anti worker stuff- at the CTU governmnet forum?

  2. I think you're mistaken, Dr Wilson - she's not trying to rent a marquee for her wedding...

  3. I really enjoy your blog. Most of the time I have no idea what specific events you are talking about because I am an ignorant American, but your forthright pro-worker point of view always has me agreeing with you in that satisfying, fist-pounding, "yes!"-bellowing way. But you sure do attract more than your share of vile comments!

  4. Anonymous - I don't know sorry. I did attend the CTU government forum, but I left before the open question time where people get to question Helen Clark.

    Thanks kc - I often think about moving to software that gives me a little bit more moderating flexability, but at the moment liberal use of the delete key seems to work.

  5. I don't think I was aware of her comments at the forum. But either way I had prior commitments and couldn't stay.

  6. Anonymous4:39 am

    Gee what committment you have. All this talk but no action!

    Hw can I take you seriously at all?